Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stop Human Trafficking in South Africa PSA

As part of our week-long video posts to support the Red Card Campaign, I found this short PSA from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on trafficking in South Africa. This is how it really happens. This is how thousands of girls and boys are conned into slavery each year. It's critical we help to spread awareness of how this works, educate others and support the organizations working to do the same.


I invite you take action and join the fight against slavery in South Africa by supporting the Red Card Campaign. Help kick traffickers out of the World Cup 2010 and South Africa for good.

You can read one of my previous posts, Conned into Slavery, to learn more about how people young and old are tricked into giving away their children to be slaves or into becoming slaves themselves. It's one of the most prevalent ways slaves are "recruited" and it's happening worldwide, even in the United States.

In addition, I came across a petition you can sign to let the United States government know you want them to help kick trafficking out of the World Cup 2010.

If you know of any other petitions surrounding trafficking in South Africa and the World Cup, let me know in the comments section below. I will be sure to add it to the next blog post.

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