Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember that Human Trafficking Happens to Men as Well

Calif man arrested in human trafficking, rape case

LEMOORE, Calif. — A Central California man faces human trafficking and sexual assault charges after a 20-year-old man allegedly escaped a house bound in duct tape.

Lemoore police arrested 47-year-old Randy Lee Chiles on Thursday.

Police say Chiles' neighbors reported that the terrified man had knocked on a door in a quiet cul-de-sac Monday wearing torn boxers and duct tape around his ankles. The alleged victim told neighbors he'd been held hostage and raped.

Police say the victim escaped after he heard that his captor had planned to sell him. They declined to release any other details about the case.

Chiles is being held on suspicion of human trafficking, sodomy, false imprisonment, assault and other charges. He's being held on suspicion of $315,000 bail.

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