Sunday, April 4, 2010

South African Celebrities Questioned about Human Trafficking and the World Cup 2010

Watch this video to the end. That's all I ask. Then you will understand the severe problems facing South Africa and the World Cup 2010.

Watch it to the end. Then decide to make a difference.



Make a difference by forwarding these videos to friends, family and soccer fans around world. Spreading awareness of the issue is the first step to preventing and educating those in danger. You can learn more by joining the Red Card Campaign to kick traffickers out of the World Cup 2010 and South Africa for good.

I'll be posting a new video about trafficking in South Africa everyday until Thursday. So check back tomorrow to learn more about the issues, hear survivors stories and learn how you can help.

In addition, I came across a petition you can sign to let the United States government know you want them to help kick trafficking out of the World Cup 2010.

If you know of any other petitions surrounding trafficking in South Africa and the World Cup, let me know in the comments section below. I will be sure to add it to the next blog post.

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