Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Q: What Will Happen When Slavery Ends?

On Twitter I was asked the following question.
What will happen when slavery ends?

Here's my response.

1. Aftercare will be essential for former slaves to receive the mental health, education and training to live a happy productive life.

2. Economies will improve as these newly freed dreamers will build businesses, get jobs and actually pay taxes. We've seen this in India where freed slave villages have began producing and paying taxes. The government is amazed since the slave owners never paid taxes, just bribes. Their local economies improved and essentially created a shield from future enslavement.

3. New ideas and advances in technology and medicine will come. Think about it. If 27 million slaves were freed today, they, along with their future posterity, will have opportunities for education. With a pool that large of newly educated dreamers, we will surely have new advances and ideas.

4. Fewer wars will take place when governments realize they can improve their economies by eradicating slavery. Their governments will become more stable as will their economies. Stable governments and economies lead to fewer wars.

5. World hunger will begin to dissipate. As wars decrease and slaves began to work and earn for themselves, they will have more money, a stable economy and a chance to grow crops for themselves.

That's what I think will happen as slavery ends. It will be a process over time, country by country, but it will happen. Every country has anti-slavery laws on the books. Now it's a matter of enforcing them and weeding out corruption. For more ideas and thoughts, I suggest reading "Ending Slavery," by Kevin Bales.

What do you think? What will happen when slavery ends?


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  1. Don't just fight to end human slavery, fight to end slavery of non-humans, too! It's just as unnecessary and, to the animal that's a slave, just as cruel.