Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jason Mraz talks about his trip to Ghana with Free the Slaves

Artist, musician and abolitionist Jason Mraz became involved in anti-trafficking efforts after performing at the 2009 Freedom Awards hosted by the international non-profit organization Free the Slaves.

"Free the Slaves kick-started my heart," said Jason.

In June 2010, Jason accompanied Free the Slaves to do field work in Ghana and help free child slaves. The video below is a 20 minute APLive interview in which Jason recounts some of his experiences and the work Free the Slaves is doing.

Jason will be performing at the 2010 Freedom Awards this Sunday, November 7th. He has been honored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and his most recent studio album is multi-platinum around the world. His latest hit, “I’m Yours,” is the longest-running song in the history of the Billboard “Hot 100.”

You can learn more about Free the Slaves and how you can help combat modern slavery by visiting their website www.freetheslaves.net.

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