Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will Apple Block the iPhone "Pimp" App?

Knowing how stringent Apple is about the apps they allow, I'm pretty sure this app will be down once it gets a little negative publicity and is brought to their attention. I invite you to read the article and sign the petition to Apple. Ask your friends and family to sign and we should have the "Pimp" app removed within the next week.


Will Apple Block iPhone "Pimp" App Before Thousands of Children Are Trafficked?
by Amanda KloerOctober 07, 2010 05:36 AM (PT)
A mere month after Craigslist shut down their adult services section due to concerns about child sex trafficking on the site, an iPhone app has popped up to take their place. PinPointsX allows users to "locate and interact with erotic partners and facilitators", i.e. pimps. Steve Jobs has already removed hardcore porn apps from the iPod and iPad. Will he also block an app that could result in the forced sex trafficking of thousands of children?
In a press release this week, PinPointsX began directly marketing their product to men who used to buy sex on Craigslist, a huge facilitator of child sex trafficking before the company stopped selling adult ads. The app they've developed is basically a listing of adult ads displayed on a GPS-enabled map. But while the technology may not be revolutionary, the potential for pimps to use PinPointsX to sell trafficked women and children is... (READ FULL ARTICLE)

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