Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vote for Freedom!

On this Independence Day, we need your help. We need your vote for freedom! It's nothing hard or too demanding, but with about 5 minutes of your time you can help make a difference in the fight against modern slavery. Here's how.

Chase Bank is donating $5 million to charities via Facebook. But people have to vote on the charities receiving the money by July 12th.

Most Voted Charity = $250,000 donation
2nd - 5th place = $100,000 donations
6th - 200th place = $20,000 donations

FREE GENERATION INTERNATIONAL, a charity group I have worked with and spoken about many times on this blog, is now in 212th place. They're only 50 votes behind to receive a much needed $20,000 donation.

1. Go vote for Free Generation International (AKA Exiht International)
2. Invite all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter to vote as well.

These two steps alone can assure an additional $20,000 will go towards the fight against human trafficking in Africa. Let's make it happen!


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