Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking for Facebook Fans...I mean "likes"

With the recent launch of our new AbolitionistJB Facebook page, we're looking for fans...I mean "likes"...that just sounds weird so we'll stick with fans. But before you fan/like us, feel free to take the following Facebook Self Quiz.


1. Do you have a Facebook account?
2. Will you "like" AbolitionistJB on Facebook?
3. How many friends do you have on Facebook?
4. Have you "liked" AbolitionistJB on Facebook?
5. How many frenemies do you have?
6. Do you "like" AbolitionistJB on Facebook?
7. Would your friends and frenemies "like" AbolitionistJB?
8. Have you "liked" AbolitionistJB on Facebook yet?
9. Will you invite your friends to "like" AbolitionistJB on Facebook?
10. How does it feel to "like" AbolitionistJB on Facebook?

Hopefully the subliminal (whispering in the background, "like AbolitionistJB on Facebook?") messages are sinking in.

There are a number of great abolitionist groups and conversations happening on Facebook right now. I really truly hope you will join the conversations and not only on the AbolitionistJB Facebook page, but on others like Not For Sale, IJM, Free the Children, Love 146 and more.

The social media abolitionist movement is brewing right now. I say let's help it brew. Let's stir the pot and make it grow. Only you can use your sphere of influence to make that happen.

Imagine if 200 people read this post and "liked" an abolitionist group on Facebook. Then they shared that with an average of 250 FB friends each. Of those 250 friends, 25 people also liked an abolitionist group on Facebook. They shared it with 250 FB friends as well... and so on and so forth...

I'm no math genius, but that's a lot of new abolitionists. Let's make it happen!


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