Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bangladesh trafficked women recount ordeal in India

A group of Bangladeshi women who were illegally taken into India three years ago have been describing their ordeal at the hands of human traffickers.
Most of these women were forced into prostitution in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Pune.
Around 48 women and a child were rescued by an Indian non-governmental organisation which handed them over to Bangladeshi authorities at the weekend.
It was one of the largest groups of Bangladeshi women ever to be returned.
The women said they were tricked into being taken across the border.

"A girl in the village gave us something to eat and said we could go for a picnic to neighbouring India. Later on we realised we were drugged. We crossed the border by walking through paddy fields in the night," Monica, 22, told the BBC.
"When we came to our senses, we realised that we had been sold to an Indian agent."  CONTINUE READING...

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