Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great PSA on How Victims May be Conned into Slavery

Children and adults become slaves in many different ways, but most often they, and/or their families, are tricked into slavery. Human traffickers will con families into giving up their children by telling them stories such as, "we will provide an education for your child and they will be able to work and learn a trade so they can send money home."  The families, which are often destitute, believe this to be the opportunity of a lifetime for their children to succeed.

Teenagers are conned by the same lies and believe they're setting out to make a name for themselves in the world. They're offered the chance to become a model, actress, get a job in America, receive an education and leave their poor circumstances behind.


These children are often taken to different cities or even countries than they and their families were originally told they would go. Parents have no idea where their children are and often never hear from them again. Sometimes the human traffickers will tell the parents that their children died and were buried in a far off country or city.  Many are taken to a foreign land and immediately the traffickers take away their passports, money and identification.


There is hope in educating families and teenagers of the dangers of human trafficking and slavery. Groups such as the International Justice Mission and Free the Slaves have had success in breaking the cycle. In countries such as India and Asia they work with local non-profits to provide the children with education, legal counsel, and therapy to rebuild their lives. They help reunite them with their families and villages where they become village leaders. Empowered with education, the ability to read and knowledge of the truth behind traffickers, they help their village become slave-free and drive out future human traffickers coming to prey on their town.

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