Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Example of one company making a difference to prevent human trafficking

Montara Circle Update - Headwaters Natural Products from Not For Sale Campaign on Vimeo.

The concept for Headwaters Natural Products was sparked in February 2011 at Not For Sale’s Montara Circle, a think tank of business, political and cultural leaders that stimulate social innovation. Participants were challenged to come up with a plan that would positively impact a 55-square mile region of the Peruvian Amazon that has been a target of human trafficking and forced labor. The idea? Form a beverage company that would use signature ingredients from the area, creating several avenues of economic benefit.
By August 2011, Headwaters Natural Products was the result, formed as a separate for-profit business. That separation enables NFS and Headwaters to partner in a common cause while being free to focus on the activities each does best.
A viable business with social mission at its heart 
While Headwaters runs like any other for-profit business, our social mission is deeply woven into our business model in three ways:
  1. We operate under Not For Sale’s Business Code of Conduct. It requires that sourcing, production and marketing all meet NFS protocols that ensure there is no forced labor involved.
  2. Part of our revenue stream will go directly back to NFS to support their work.
  3. Our first source for ingredients will always start with NFS certified supply chains. Where they don’t exist yet, we hope to help create demand for them.
From beginning to end, we’re committed to balancing the larger universe of human concerns with the demands of creating a profitable business.

You can learn more about Headwaters Natural Products at their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.   

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  1. Thanks for posting about this business! I love hearing about social entrepreneurship and the creativity that can be used to help fight human trafficking.