Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google for Nonprofits

Google recently launched "Google for Nonprofits" with a number of tools, videos, and even $10,000 adwords grants that qualifying non-profit organizations can apply for for. Having worked in a support level with a number of non-profit organizations, I know how difficult and costly it can be to operate, market and fundraise for organizations. Hopefully some of these tools and information will be beneficial to anti-trafficking organizations.


The following Google offerings can help your organization reach more donors to create awareness and raise money. Receive a $10,000 adwords credit through Google Grants. Receive special listings on Youtube with their non-profit program. Google analytics and webmaster tools are a must to improving your website SEO and traffic.


I essentially received Microsoft Office for free on my computer. Even with owning Microsoft Office, I still use gmail to run all of my work, personal and AbolitionisJB emails. I also frequently use Google Docs to collaborate with others who don't have access to Microsoft Office. If you're looking to save money on your operations, I suggest foregoing the expensive costs of buying Microsoft Office for all of your machines and stick with Google or Open Office.


In addition to using Google maps as shown in the videos above, Blogger is a great way to reach more people. I love the Wordpress blog format, but Blogger has always brought me more traffic due to the immediate rankings on Goolge search and the Blogger search network. I highly suggest using blogger, in addition to your current blog, to reach more people.

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