Friday, February 4, 2011

Anti-Pimp My Ride Convoy through Dallas Before the Super Bowl


What is Anti Pimp My Ride?
On Feb. 5th, the day before the Super Bowl, 200-300 volunteers will take a 2 hour SATURDAY drive around Dallas with large magnets on their cars with messages raising awareness about child trafficking and encouraging the use of hotlines.

We are looking for groups and individuals to take a stand by driving their “Anti-pimp” car on a specific route for 2 hours on Saturday, February 5th – the day before the Super Bowl leaving from Irving Bible Church at 2pm.

The Purpose
The purpose of driving with these message magnets on the cars is to encourage people to dial the Human trafficking hotline number into their phone and make them aware of the Problem in America today. The potential therefore means that thousands of trafficking victims could be saved from a life of sexual slavery and even death itself with the community in Dallas reporting suspicious activity.

The Cars
We ask for a minimum donation of $30.00 to outfit each car…

The routes
The idea is to congregate on Saturday, February 5th at 2:00pm in the parking lot of Irving Bible Church. Once all participants have arrived, we will then proceed in convoy on a route through Downtown Dallas…

There will be a LOT of traffic.
Please drive carefully and patiently.

And finally please punch in 1.888 3737 888 in your phone today. This National Human Trafficking Hotline is backed by both federal and state law and is already rescuing thousands of victims in America today.

For more information email and visit their website


  1. Due to the icy road conditions the “Anti-Pimp My Ride” event is being postponed. Depending on weather patterns we are hoping to reschedule the event for the following Saturday, February 12, 2011. We will confirm this in the coming days.

    This is unfortunate for this weekend. However, this is a great opportunity to remind people of the work that needs to be done here long term in North Texas.

    We need all participants to Click to email or call (214) 687 8855 to make sure we have your correct details to follow up with.

    Thank you,

    It’s Not My Fault team

  2. "Love146 has decided to push the Anti-Pimp My Ride (INMF) event to April 8, 2011 during the time of the Nascar event at the Texas Motor Speedway. We are not making a strong statement linking sex trafficking and Nascar, rather we are simply aiming to reach as many people as possible with awareness and action opportunities. We need more people of good will on our side to tip the balance against those with ill will who aim to exploit women and children.

    Pushing this event to April 8th allows us to gather more drivers for "Anti-Pimp My Ride", solidify local prevention programs, and make a statement that Love146 and it's partners are committed to addressing child sex trafficking/exploitation long term beyond the super bowl."

    Thanks for your post.