Friday, June 4, 2010

District of Columbia Passes New Human Trafficking Bill

The District of Columbia is an interesting identity. It's not a state, has no governor, and all bills are signed in by the Mayor and then must be ratified by Congress.

Earlier this week, DC unanimously passed a new Human Trafficking bill, which is awaiting to be signed by the Mayor. This is a sorely needed bill in our Nations capital and provides stricter punishments for traffickers and those knowingly associated. It also provides help and options for the victims of trafficking. READ THE FULL BILL.

Here are some highlights of the bill.
  • Penalties for all those benefiting from human trafficking, even if they're not active participants.
  • Victims of trafficking have the private right to sue their assailants.
  • New support and advocacy for victims.

You can help by sending an email to the Mayor of DC asking him to sign the bill.


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