Monday, May 10, 2010

Stemming European Sex Trafficking from Moldova

I just finished reading Not For Sale by David Batstone. He touches on the different aspects of modern slavery from around the world and shares stories from trafficking survivors and those fighting to save/protect them.

One of the chapters focuses on the sex trade in Europe and a courageous hero, Padre Cesare, who runs the Regina Pacis Centers.

Now when I say courageous, I mean it. Padre Cesare has stood toe to toe against the Mafiosi (Russian mob), despite their very real threats against his life and work to undermine human trafficking in Europe. Of this he says, "There's nothing these men can do to me that could compare to the suffering that trafficked girls undergo."

Padre Cesare now resides in Moldova, a hot spot for human trafficking. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, unemployment and poverty have created the perfect atmosphere for the Mafiosi taffickers to target young girls and boys. The news report below discusses what is being done to help stem trafficking in Moldova.

In closing, I want to share another quote from Padre Cesare, found in Not For Sale.

"I am praying for a new generation of abolitionists who will open up their hearts. Traffickers get away with murder because good people won't answer the calls of the young women crying out for help."

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Not for Sale is a great book every abolitionist should read. See if your local library has it available, or buy it on Amazon. After you are done with it, donate the book to your library for others to read.

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