Sunday, February 28, 2010

YOU CAN HELP: Watch the "Very Young Girls" Movie Trailer by GEMS Girls and Vote for them to get a $250K Pepsi Grant

We talked about GEMS Girls yesterday. Here's a trailer for their documentary "Very Young Girls." Please be sure to vote for them to receive the $250K Pepsi Refresh Grant Money. Today is the LAST DAY TO VOTE. See voting details below.

You can add your vote for the Pepsi Refresh Grant by going to
1) Click on the "Celeb Challenge" tab
2) You will need to become a "Facebook Fan" of Pespi
3) Cast your vote for GEMS Girls

I didn't realize this, but this was the first year Pepsi DID NOT air Super Bowl commercial ads. Instead they put the money towards running the Pepsi Refresh Grants. Very cool. Story below.

Everyone I talk to about modern slavery agrees it's atrocious. Then they ask, "What can I do?" BE A VOICE. Spread awareness share these posts and videos with others. Collectively we can reach thousands of people. Creating awareness and making this an issue in the public mind WILL lead to CHANGE.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
~Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Will you accept my invitation? Will you be a voice?

Thank you,
John Burger

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