Saturday, February 20, 2010

2,000 Twitter Follower Giveaway. Win a Book!

WOO-HOO!!! We passed 2,000 Twitter followers in less than 1 week. Go team go!

CONGRATS TO @locopenelope !!! Winner of our 2K Follower Twitter Retweet Contest.

Now it's time for our Twitter Retweet Contest. Here's how it works. Retweet (RT) as many variations as you can think of of the message below. Each RT will count as an entry to the drawing. Just use the hashtag #IAMFREEDOM so I can track the entries.

Help us end modern slavery with books. Here's how Here's why #IAMFREEDOM

Not only do you get to help spread awareness of modern slavery, but you get a chance to win a free copy of "Ending Slavery," by Kevin Bales. (Author, Professor and President of


This is a fantastic book that every abolitionist should have on their bookshelf and share with others. I highly recommend it to everyone trying to learn more about the issues of slavery today, the causes, the effects and viable solutions to end slavery worldwide. It's a very informational and practical approach to how we can change the world for the better.

So stay tuned and help us reach 2,000 followers!

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