Monday, March 8, 2010

PBS Story on one of my Heroes, Somaly Mam

Somaly Mam is truly one of my heroes. After all she has survived and endured, she continues to give back by helping shut down brothels in South Asia and provide aftercare treatments for girls that have been sexually exploited. Some of these girls are as young as 5. It's heartbreaking, but her story gives me hope.

You can learn more about Somaly Mam from an earlier post we did with her on the Tyra Banks show. If you get a chance, I highly suggest reading her book, "The Road of Lost Innocence." You can hear the story of survivors first-hand and feel the hope she brings in fighting the evil of child sex slavery.


Everyone I talk to about modern slavery agrees it's atrocious. Then they ask, "What can I do?" BE A VOICE. Spread awareness by sharing these posts and videos with others. Collectively we can reach thousands of people. Creating awareness and making this an issue in the public mind WILL lead to CHANGE.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
~Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Will you accept my invitation? Will you be a voice?

Thank you,
John Burger

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