Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Song from Musician and Fellow Abolitionist Jess Clayton


On Thursday 18th October, UK Anti-Slavery Day, up and coming musician Jess Clayton released her single ‘Voice for the Voiceless’ to raise awareness of modern day slavery and raise funds for The Treehouse Project.

The single was launched at a concert at Freedom Art Studios in front of a packed audience. The evening included performances from Beka Vyce, Red Letter and Jess Clayton. Proceeds from the concert and single downloads have already raised over £1,000 to help survivors of Human Trafficking.

Anti-Slavery Day was created by Act of Parliament in 2010 to raise awareness of modern slavery and to inspire people to eliminate it.
There are currently estimated to be 27 millions slaves in the world, more than at any other time in history. Modern day slaves are exploited for profit in many ways, including sexual exploitation, forced labour, trafficking and domestic servitude.
Human trafficking and exploitation is a growing problem with the UK recognised as a significant transit and destination country for trafficked women and young people. Many of those trafficked are under 18 years of age.

Jess Clayton is a singer-songwriter who is passionate about writing songs to make an impact.
She studied Commercial Music at Bath Spa University but stopped a year short of the full degree as she wanted to just get out in the world and start trying to make a difference.

In 2011 Jess was offered an internship working at the Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC) in Bath; a charity that offers free play therapy and counselling for children who are facing trauma and crisis. There she met Susie (whose real name shall remain unknown). Susie was 20 years old and had three children. She had been sold by her father into slavery at 13 after which time she suffered extreme abuse and exploitation. Susie finally managed to escape aged 19 years old after being assaulted for a final time and nearly losing her children and her life.

Jess says “I had the privilege of working with Susie and being her friend. Working at the TRC with the Treehouse Project tugged on so many of my heart strings, including the musical ones, I couldn’t help but start writing songs about it. These experiences have left me with a particularly strong determination to bring hope and change into the world through my music.

I recorded my single ‘Voice for the Voiceless’ to raise awareness of Human Trafficking. The song is inspired by my involvement with the TRC and working with survivors of human trafficking like Susie. 100% of all sales from the single will be donated to the TRC’s Treehouse Project which provides an aftercare service in the UK for survivors of Human Trafficking”

The TRC launched The Treehouse Project in February 2012. The project focuses on the rehabilitation of children and young people who have been the victims of human trafficking by providing therapeutic aftercare through counselling, befriending, education and accommodation.

‘Voice for the Voiceless’ can still be downloaded from for a donation of just £1, with all proceeds going to The Treehouse Project.

Finally Jess said “Even if you could just turn 27,000,000 slaves into 26,999,999, isn’t it worth it for that one?”


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