Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The New IJM Advocacy Handbook

I received the information below in an email from the International Justice Mission. This is a great resource with a free printable PDF of The Advocate's Handbook. It's a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to get involved to help end modern-day slavery.

My favorite section is the Lobbying section with tips and guidelines on how to setup a Lobby Meeting, This includes a sample meeting request form, discussion points, etc... This is something I have not done yet myself, but using this guide I plan to.  What makes this even more effective is using the "report card" follow-up sheet to really learn from the experience and make improvements for future Lobby Meetings.

There are a number of other great ideas and tools, but I also found the "100 Postcard Challenge" to be an intriguing idea. It's on page 45.

Advocates Handbook

Have you seen The Advocate’s Handbook?

We are so grateful for everything you do to advocate on behalf of victims of modern-day slavery, so we wanted to make sure you were equipped with all the tools you need! The Advocate’s Handbook will help you raise your voice and build an advocacy campaign that will help end modern-day slavery.

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