Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Texas lawmaker aims to crackdown on adult industry and human trafficking

Bill HB 1929, proposed by the House Representative Bill Zedler(R), is taking aim at the adult industry in Texas with an effort to stem the tide of human trafficking and child prostitution within the state.

The Bill will regulate owners, operators, and independent contractors in adult industry with licensure program. This will require all employers and independent contractors in the adult industry to hold license to operate any adult establishment. The bill will also forbid licenses to anyone with a sex crime history, including, human trafficking, prostitution, incest, and child pornography.

Awareness regarding human trafficking and child prostitution in Texas has arisen over the last few months in part to the recent Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Legislator and local non-profit organizations held press conferences and awareness events about the issues of human trafficking in Texas, in particular the draw of trafficking and prostitution to Dallas during the Super Bowl.

In January 2011, the Governor, US Senator John Cornyn and Mayor Tom Leppert pledged to fight against human trafficking in Texas. Police task forces were created to crackdown on prostiution and over 13 people, inculding pimps and traffickers, were arrested leading up to the Super Bowl.

A recent bill was passed earlier this month making human trafficking a felony in Texas and providing stiffer penalties for those convicted.

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