Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sign petition for Super Bowl Host Committee to incorporate anti-trafficking PSA

With the 2011 Super Bowl just around the corner, football fans everywhere will be flocking to the Dallas area in person and via TV to take part in one of the world's ultimate sporting events.

Sadly, the Super Bowl also draws a crowd of human traffickers selling young children and teenage girls for sex. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott gave a public address in which he said, “the Super Bowl is one of the biggest human trafficking events in the United States.” He has vowed to combat traffickers by teaming up with local law enforcement and has created a task force to kick traffickers out of the Super Bowl.

In addition, the Dallas local anti-trafficking organization Traffick911, has a created a PSA and other materials with the help of former New England Patriot Devin Wyman. In the Public Service Announcement he addresses child sex trafficking and aks other men to join him in protecting kids.

Traffick911 has been trying to get th 2011 Super Bowl Host Committee to join the anti-trafficking cause by adding the PSA and free posters, flyers, etc... to the Super Bowl marketing and ad campaigns. So far they have had little success.

Sign the petition to the 2011 Super Bowl Host Committee to add the Traffick911 PSA and materials to their Super Bowl campaign. Over 57,000 people have signed already. It literally takes 1 minute to sign the petition and with your help, we can create greater awareness and advertising reach to end sex trafficking in Dallas.

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